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Our business intelligence solutions are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to secure your position in the market. Maximize efficiency and profitability, gather all your data in one place, and use our automated tools that free you from mundane tasks.
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About us

We focus on all in one, business
automation software

Commercial Sales

Easy to understand analytics and simple to configure tools to track, monitor and manage your sales, customer retention, and path-to-purchase

Digital Marketing

Understand and target your audience across multiple channels, manage your campaigns and track conversion.

Ai powered

AI modules are teamed up to provide an in-depth analysis of your data and generate predictions with a high level of confidence thus ensuring cost-effective management of your current and future business affairs.


Speed up your customer support services by tracking, analyzing and forwarding subject-based reviews and comments through NLP analysis.

Our Products

Hermes: state-of-the-art
e-commerce platform 


Hermes is the modern, holistic e-commerce platform that the industry needs. It is a performance-oriented, all in one, enterprise solution.

Pythia: Multipurpose
analytics and AI platform 


Connect to various data sources and create your data warehouse. Run queries, combine data, use ML modules for predictive analysis, generate reports and uncover new insights about your business.

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