Best Performing Features
The sector that generates trillions of dollars in e-commerce
Apiron Technologies solutions combined with substantial industry knowledge can optimize the collective efficiency of businesses, upgrade strategies, and empower human resources.
• Purchasing and production cost reduction
• Reducing waste and inefficiency in production
• Improving lead time
• Increasing effectiveness of marketing efforts
Our platform is where mass scale data and business expertise merge.
• Maximizing profit margins
• Improving customer engagement
• Reducing production variability
• Minimizing the risk of oversupplying or undersupplying
Benefits for Manufacturers
Tailored Products
Able to read consumer and market trends to suggest features for products. As a result, businesses will benefit from faster production cycles and Market Entry.
Inventory Optimization
Inventory optimization takes on a lot of different identities within a manufacturing company, depending on one’s role. An accountant views inventory as an asset, a controller sees it as a liability, a production supervisor considers it a safety net while a materials manager finds it a tightrope. One common aspect to inventory is that everybody agrees that maintaining it can be costly. Rightsizing production scale based on best performing SKUs and forecasting demand will optimize “stock on hand” and reduce overall cost.
Brand Identity and Consistency
It is all about the consumers’ perception about the product. E-commerce generated a significantly more transparent market. Manufacturers should be able to control information published online. Regular reviews of published content online preserves identity and fortifies a brand’s image. For example, a supplier may want to emphasize specific details about a product to make sure customers will not make decisions based on price.
Benefits for Wholesale/ Value-Added Reseller (VAR)
Marketing Spend Optimization
Increase Return of Ad Spent (ROAS)/Cost per Action (CPA) by using regular marketing budget suggestions based on performance metrics and analysis. Track customers’ preferred channels, marketing and sales alignment and get data-based decisions.
Channel Strategy Evaluation
A distribution channel is the series of businesses, sellers, or other intermediaries your products must go through to reach your final consumers. Track competitors’ activity to find missed opportunities. Online activities and performance can be monitored and become the basis of a balanced, carefully considered decision.
Benefits for Retailers
With our tools we can monitor SKUs performance and take immediate action to boost sales based on:
Competitive Analysis
It is a unique advantage clients can benefit from by Apiron Technologies to benchmark their business versus the whole industry, find room for improvement, identify the audience and interests to optimize strategy, and rank their competitors in order to be prepared for future challenges.
Retail Pricing Strategy and Optimization
Clients’ profits are significantly improved. They will be able to increase net pricing works far better than applying cost savings in Cost of Goods Sold ( COGS) generating a better EBITDA. Preserving brand pricing and manufacturers’ desired strategy is challenging especially when competitors and emotional pricing have to be reviewed. Apiron Technologies can find, compare, analyze and sketch the clients’ pricing battlefield. It can collect the necessary information to decide the net prices based on the clients’ strategy and optimize it by tracking sales and marketing insights.
Quality of Service (QoS) can be hard to be maintained. By tracking customer reviews on multiple channels, businesses can obtain insights and act when needed to preserve their image.