What is Pythia?


An innovative intelligence software that can build and process an enormous data warehouse, produce estimates about your performance operations and provide you with predictions about future endeavours. AI-driven functionalities and reporting tools are integrated within Pythia to establish fast and accurate results.

What’s included

Key features


Indicative Features

Data Mining

Bring all your data in one place even from sources like Facebook and Google and set up Crawlers to fetch new data for you.


Join your data, filter them out and ask direct queries. Get responses in tables or charts on your dashboard or reports delivered to your inbox.

Artificial Intelligence

Use Machine Learning models, based on your data, to get predictions and business optimization suggestions.

Natural Language Processing

Crawl articles, bring in your customer reviews or other texts of interest, apply sentiment analysis and meaning extraction and understand immediately what they are talking about.


Set up your data flow once, from importing data to delivering results, schedule the process and stay up to date.

GDPR Compliant

Besides the flexibility of the platform, the business optimization flow that we suggest respects your customers' privacy.

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