Combined use of our AI-based technologies and e-commerce platform


Our client from fashion retail industry operates online stores in several countries. Like most fashion brands with a global outlook, this client had to tackle the same problems but in different contexts. Different markets present the brand with major challenges such as adjusting prices

and offers that reflect the local market conditions, offering the product assortment that would fit the tastes and lifestyles of local customers and setting up the marketing activations and promotions that would boost sales and maximise Return of Investment (ROI).

Clients can use Apiron Technologies’ e-commerce platform, Hermes, with Pythia. Pythia’s advanced technology enables:

• Scheduled monitoring of competitors’ prices per SKU

• Online cross-checking promotions and offerings

• Generating a list of best sellers and proposed SKUs for purchasing

• Linking discounts and sales to increase rating promotional effects

• Using retail trends to minimize risk

Apiron Technologies’ advanced technology implementation was a strategic decision that resulted in:

• Higher reputation and customer satisfaction

• Optimal pricing

• High margin

• Lower inventory spent


Extracting insights about key product features

The following example illustrates how the Research & Development department can improve an existing product or launch a new one based on customers’ reviews.

The analysis involved crawling quality ratings and running a sentiment analysis to improve existing products for the brand. Key product features were ranked and further analysis was conducted to isolate areas that require improvements. See the Negative Reviews analysis.

By comparing price tiers and feature ratings, insights about the competition and ideas regarding the design of new products were generated.